Youth trainings in five countries

National level trainings for youth  were organized in each partner country. The trainings aim to provide young people with essential civic, conflict resolution and communication competences and help them develop their potential to become active, engaged and responsible citizens in their communities and to encourage inclusion of other disadvantaged youth. Training and support was provided for youth that are interested in community work and spaces for their engagement for solidarity, inclusion and human rights was enabled. Also, support was provided to youth that planned their own human rights projects in local communities. Trainings promoted inclusiveness and tolerance and empowered young people to gain new skills, boost their self-confidence, and become agents of change in their communities.

Topics of the trainings were focused on human rights and equality, inter-culturalism, social skills, democracy, and medial literacy.  Youth had the chance to participate in different activities of the GEAR project, especially school inclusion projects, transnational trainings, conferences and exchange activities.

Educational activities included around 15 participants in each country and some trainings included high school students like Croatia, Spain and Italy while others like Slovenia and Macedonia included University level students.

Youth training in Croatia was organized in Krk from September 29th to October 1st 2017. Inclusive training gathered youth from different parts of Croatia and youth with different experiences such as young asylum seekers and youth without parental care. Topics of the training were: identity and interculturality, prejudices, respecting differences, communication and dialog and civic participation. Expected Educational Achievements (Outcomes):Participants developed their intercultural competence – they communicate more effectively with people of other cultures; Participants adopted intercultural attitudes, knowledge and skills – they understand and respect differences; Participants adopted effective behaviour in other cultures (intercultural sensitivity), Participants develop communication skills for better cooperation with and understanding of others.

Macedonian training for youth promoters of tolerance and interculturalism was organized from  November  30 to December 2, 2017. Goals of the training included: Getting to know each other and building a positive socio-emotional climate in the group of students with different linguistic background; Promoting the bilingual component in the process of communication in the group and with the group;  Developing an active relation to the students for the activities that result game/playing methodology but also the problem-solving activities;  Supporting the team and tandem cooperation of the students with different ethnic background through promoting and nurturing the gender component;  Introducing the students to the different sources and reasons of stereotypes and prejudices and also introducing them with how to solve/overcome them; Nurturing mutual respect, cooperation, help, active listening; Introducing the students with the basis of the successful non-verbal communication in the group.

Spanish Youth Training was organized from 26  to 28th of January at las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Topics of the training were:  Me, you, we and interculturality, Equality, Equality and diversity in the media and preparing Young ambassadors and develop their skills for project planning. Training also included structured conversations with guests: Teseida García García. Deputy Prosecutor for Immigration and International Legal Cooperation of the Prosecutor’s Office of Las Palmas. ‘’Migrants administrative situation” and Joaquín Posado, professor of philosophy.

Italian Youth training with the nameEducational Path for Inclusion and Democratic Values in Intercultural Societies” was organized from 5th to 7th of February 2018. It included topics: Concept of solidarity, Tolerance, cooperation and respect for diverse identities and cultures, Young citizens’ entrepreneurs of solidarity and the basics of project development and planning of socio-cultural activities.

Training for Youth Ambassadors in Slovenia with the name: “Opening Borders: Integration of Refugees and Migrants” was organized on April 24-25, 2018 in Novo mesto. It included mostly young activists and university level students interested in inclusion policies and practices. Topics of the training were: Migration; Diversity and inclusive society; Stereotypes and prejudices; Hate speech.

Transnational Youth Exchange and Training  was organized from 11th to 13th of May 2018 in Jezerčica, Croatia. Goal to enhance communication skills, critical thinking, capacity for intercultural dialogue and understanding. Topics of the training include: Communication: a path to cooperation; Thinking about other people: from prejudices towards respecting diversity; Active session – playing roles and team work; Active Youth and evening programme that included Intercultural Quiz. Volunteers, mostly University students were included in the GEAR project and especially in youth work and school conference and exchanges in Croatia.