Education of teachers in five countries

National level educations and trainings of teachers, youth workers and educators were organized in each partner country. Topics of the trainings were focused on human rights and equality, inter-culturalism, social skills, democracy, and medial literacy and the goal was to prepare the teachers for the development of civic and social competencies of students.

During educational activities, that included around 20 participants in each country, civil society organizations that organized training had the opportunity to upgrade and improve their educational programs with new ideas and good examples gathered through analytical activities and mutual learning process between GEAR partners.

In Macedonia education was organized by Nansen Dialog Centre Skopje from 28.6. to 1.7.2017. Topics of the education were: Identity and respecting differences, Culture, subculture and interculturality, Social skills, Stereotypes and prejudice and Intercultural education.

In Croatia, education was organized by Nansen Dialog Centre Osijek and GONG in Zadar from  3. to 7. July 2017. Topics were: Identity and respecting differences, Culture, subculture and interculturality , Social skills, Stereotypes and prejudice, Intercultural education, Political culture and socialization, Civic and political education, Democracy- its key characteristics, Civic participation, Media Literacy and EU Literacy. Participants expressed interest for additional mentoring and education so another two education modules were combined with mentorship meetings. In Osijek on 27. – 28. October 2017 education focused on Media Literacy and in Zagreb on 8. – 9. December 2017 education focused on EU literacy were organized.

From 2 to 6 of October, education was organized by GSI in the city of Nereto in Italy. The education session took place in a secondary school, which includes different study areas (classical, scientific, linguistic, human sciences, economic and administrative, information technology and tourist). Topics were: Didactics and pedagogy of solidarity, Young citizens entrepreneurs of solidarity, The planning of socio-cultural activities, The spelling book of the project cycle, The realization of a project – From theory to practical management of a fundraising activity.

In Spain the training organized by Cives foundation in the frame of GEAR project took place on Cádiz (Spain) from 3rd to 8th July. Topics were: Gender Equality, Interculturality and  Coexistence, Migration, Immigration legislation towards citizenship, Diversity in types of cultures, Inequality and Equality, Co-education, Tools to create intercultural activities, Citizen participation, Community projects, Perceptions, Conflict resolution, Common characteristics in a student body, Social Habits, Mental health education, Sustainable development.

In Slovenia 1st part of the training was organized in Ljubljana on 22 of November 2017. and the 2nd part from   20th to 21st of February 2018 by the Peace Institute. Topics were: stereotypes and prejudices, conflicts, discrimination, migration and  hate speech and media.

Around 20 teachers and educators, around 4 from each country, also participated in transnational two days education organized in October 2018 in Spoleto, Italy.