Transnational school exchanges in Slovenia and Macedonia

Through GEAR project we established international network of schools that are working on the projects for solidarity, interculturality and inclusion. Teachers from different primary and secondary schools connected and exchanged good practices through e-mail communication, e-Twinning platform, Facebook group, visits and joint activities. Teachers and students participated in different school exchange visits.

School Exchange visit was organized in Ljubljana – Slovenia were students of Economic and Tourism School from Daruvar participated in the Global Education Conference on 22 of November 2017 where best school practices of global education from Slovenia were presented.

In December 2018 primary school students and their teachers from Dalj Elementary School went to visit to Elementary school Brezovica pri Ljubljani while students and teacher from Elementary school Sinisa Glavasevic from Vukovar visited Bicevje Elementary School.

In May 2018 students and teachers from Slovenia and Macedonia visited Dalj Elementary school and Elementary school Sinisa Glavasevic from Vukovar.

On 27th of March 2018 students and teachers from Croatia visited schools in Macedonia. Dalj Elementary School visited Elementary school Klement Ohridski in Ohrid, Elementary school Sinisa Glavasevic visited Elementary school Liria in Tetovo while Economic and Tourism School from Daruvar visited High school from Gostivar.

On 28th of March all students, teachers and educators from CSOs visited Elementary School “Bratstvo” in Skopje which is model school of the Nansen Model for Integrated education.

School Conference was organized in Croatia in Osijek on 18th of May and in Dalj on 19th of May and it gathered more than 200 students and their teachers from more than 10 schools from Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia.

Through visits and exchange, good practices were shared between teachers and students had unique opportunity to participate in intercultural, civic and inclusive programs of other schools.