Transnational Exchange of Youth in Croatia

Transnational training for youth promoters of solidarity was held in Jezerčica from May 11 to May 13 2018. The training consisted of a variety of activities of non-formal and experiential learning, designed to enhance the participants’ communication skills, critical thinking, capacity for intercultural dialogue and understanding, as well as other competencies for planning and implementing solidarity actions in local communities. The training brought together engaged youth aged 16-23 from Croatia, Italy, Macedonia and Spain.

Some of the training participants also took part in workshops held in the Economic and Tourism School Daruvar on May 14 which emphasized intercultural communication and exchanging for sustainable development of the local communities.

The school exchange was also held in Osijek on May 18 and in Dalj on May 19 2018 and was attended by a group of teachers, children and youth from Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia. This exchange was focused on good practice examples of inclusion and solidarity projects.

The school exchange and conference held in Dalj brought together around 300 children, youth and their teachers from various national contexts, who had joined forces in intercultural exchange.

For the youth from Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia additional training and exchange was organized on May 18 and 19 2018. The focus was on cooperation and communication in collaborative problem solving and sustainable development. One of the assignments was building an imaginary community from the ground up, including the main elements of its economy and culture, its political system and basic laws. This exercise served to encourage thinking about identities and needs of various groups of people in a political community, as well as about the various social foundations of understanding and cooperation between them.


You can find the report about the youth trainings in Croatia here.